Sunday November 6, 2016

Colt State Park
Bristol, Rhode Island

Half Marathon Start 9:00 AM
5K Start 9:30 AM

Testimonials From 2015 Colt State Park Half Marathon

I just wanted to say thank you for the race yesterday. It was nicely executed and well supported.

Beautiful course. Great volunteers. A lot of fun. See you next year!

Thanks for organizing such a great race at Colt State Park yesterday. It was very quick and easy to get my bib pre-race, and there were ample water stops along the way. Such beautiful scenery and the weather could not have been better! Particular thanks go out to the 2:00 pace runner. She did a great job and was very upbeat and friendly. She really helped me to keep my desired pace for my first half marathon.

Testimonials From 2014 Colt State Park Half Marathon

Thank you for such a great race in Bristol, RI ! The scenery was gorgeous, weather was perfect, and the volunteers were fantastic.
I would definitely consider running again--it was worth the drive from NJ!

Beautiful course. Loved the race!!!

Everyone involved in putting on the race desrves an A+.

Glad the weather was nicer this year. Beautiful day and another great race. See you at Wolf Hollow!

Testimonials From 2013 Colt State Park Half Marathon

Nice race, glad to have another 1/2 marathon option!

Great event - very well run and a beautiful course. I will certainly be there next year. Thanks for all your efforts,

Hi Thank You for this wonderful event~ it was my first half marathon and I am so happy it is here in Bristol.

I really enjoyed my first half today :)

Great race today! You and your crew did a great job!

Great course. Loved it!!!

Beautiful race. The course marshals and signs at the turns were exactly what we needed. Great job! I'll be back!

Race was good so slow but I did it!!

It was great running with you and I truly look forward to do it again.

This was my very first half marathon and it was fantastic!! I can't wait to do this again next year. I'm bringing some friends along for next year!

Thanks for a wonderful experience.

I enjoyed participating in your half marathon Sunday.

You put on a great race yesterday, well done!

Fantastic job. Great race organization. Congrats!

Great job with everything.

I enjoyed the race on Sunday. Thanks for everything!

Looking forward to running many more of your half marathons next year. Our team had a fantastic time.

I thought you all did a good job for year one ! I look forward to next years race. November is a great time because there are not a lot of 1/2 marathons .

Hats off to you for an excellent race! I've already recommended it to lots of people. I ran the 5K yesterday and my friend ran the half. We were both thrilled. I am not sure I've ever been to a friendlier event. The course was beautiful, the medals and T-shirts were awesome, plenty of good food at the end. I don't know what came up in that post-race meeting, but don't change too much! However, get ready, because I am sure I am not the only one spreading the word and your turnout is going to be higher next year. Congrats on a fabulous event!

Thanks. Great job for a “first” race. Nice venue and loved all the water views, and lack of car traffic.

Congrats on the race - I was surprised how big the race was…nice job!

Thanks for organizing the race, it was an awesome time!

Another great race,

Great job on the race. This was a beautiful course, and the weather was perfect. You had a ton of volunteers. I thought the day went very well. I posted my results and praises about the race on my club website, TVFR. Looking forward to next years race!

Congrats on such a big turnout for the race. Great job on the success and I'm glad everyone did so well.

I just wanted to say that this was a great event. This was my first 5k and you made it a memorable experience. I loved that I got to see the half marathoners start and finish their race. I hope you do this event again next year.

It was a wonderful race and I love to do it every year! Thank you again for an amazing race!!

Well done on the race and I'll likely see you next year.

First off great job at the Bristol Half, I thought the race went very smoothly.

I had fun, as did the rest of my running group. Great timing system and plenty of snacks after! Nice job on the weather also.

I think you did a great job for a first race.

I really appreciate the effort you all took before, during, and after the race to make the best of the situation. My family thoroughly enjoyed the event despite the weather (all 4 of us participated). We're members of the Merrimack and Nashua Y. It was great to have the opportunity to give back to an organization that gives so much to the community.

I am looking forward to next year.

This was my first race and it was fun.

I loved the truck where you step up and check your time also having my name announced when u finished, especially being my first literally made me cry. Thank you for making my first 1/2 so special and memorable.

Good race and hopefully my running schedule and your races will intersect again.

I ran the Half, and it was my first 'destination race' - I've been doing races for about 3 years now, all of which have been in the New York City metropolitan area, and this was the first time that I traveled such a distance for a race. I was glad I did it. My wife and I made a weekend out of it, and we had lots of fun. And we're already saying that we'll come back up next year.

Thanks for all the work you did in making the whole experience lots of fun.

Looking forward to next year and thanks for all of your hard work!

The volunteers at the stations were GREAT!

The Colt State Park Half was a great and friendly event. I had a great time. Just keep up the family/community feel of the event.

I liked the fact that the half marathoners did all the loops - I dumped a shirt at my car after 1.5 mile, then was able to drop off my tights after 8 on a fence and retrieve them after the race! Once again, this was a well organized race from my point - I've already posted it to TVFR. You can't improve on the views, you can't improve on the people at the water stops ( very enthusiastic!). I'll be there next year!

I enjoyed the Colt State Park Half.
Nice job, it was well organized and well run.